Vicharyatra E-magazine/Free Magazine NOVEMBER 2017

November 17_Page_01

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Vicharyatra E-magazine/Free Magazine November 2017 Edition



Thanking young and talented PARAM SHAH to design Cycle sketch on Front page. Respect your Art Param. Thank you for your time.

Thanking you Dineshbhai Desai to spend your time with me to know more about you and execute your meeting as in “અોળખ” section.

Thanks to all writers associated with Vicharyatra.
Special thanks to Prakash Suthar & Arti Parikh for their valuable support.

One comment

  1. ખૂબ સુંદર અંક…વ્યક્તિ વિશેષથી લઈને બધી વાર્તાઓ..લેખ…ખૂબ ગમ્યાં.👍👍👍


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